About RMJ Technologies

RMJ Technologies is a bilingual fleet optimization company specializing in vehicle telematics, driver risk management solutions and asset management systems. We are a solutions-based company that focuses on improving mobile workforce productivity, increasing safe driving behaviors, optimizing fleet operations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and reducing fleet liability and risk through collaborative teamwork, creativity and innovation. We aim to become a leader in fleet management solutions for both private and public entities by engaging in strategic partnerships developed with our clients to ensure that their fleet management solutions meet their needs.

What We Do

RMJ Technologies, a subsidiary of RMJ Marketing, Inc., operates as a consultant and reseller of the finest GPS Tracking technology and telematics solutions in the world. In addition, RMJ Technologies provides a multitude of backup systems, including sensors and cameras, as well as in-cab video recording systems. However, our primary focus is helping customers reduce the operating and liability costs associated with maintaining their fleet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leader in mobile workforce management solutions for both private and public entities by developing a company that is known for the strategic partnerships that are created with our clients to ensure that their mobile workforce solutions are met..

How We Help

  • Liability and Risk Management

  • Vehicle Life and Maintenance

  • Driver Behavior and Public Perception

  • Vehicle Utilization and Emissions Control

  • Operational Efficiency and Fuel Costs

  • Driver/Employee Satisfaction and Safety

  • Federal/State/Local Regulatory Compliance

  • Disaster Response

Stay Competitive with One Technology Resource

With the ongoing changes in technology, it is very difficult for fleets to remain at the forefront of new technology, compliance changes and best practices. RMJ Technologies keeps itself aware of cutting edge fleet technologies and shares this knowledge with its clients to help them stay competitive and in compliance with federal and state regulations. Our clients know that they do not have to purchase fleet technology from multiple vendors because we make it easy to meet their fleet technology needs with one source.


Enhanced Visibility

GPS tracking gives you the ability manage all of the moving pieces in your fleet with ease. Manage routes, MPG, vehicle maintenance, and much more.


Enhanced Visibility

Regardless of our industry, the number one cost is our employees. Control overtime, communicate with employees in the field and reduce down time.


Fleet Optimization

Regardless of our industry, the second greatest expense is our fleet and assets. Maintain your vehicles with remote diagnostics, manage fleet utilization, dramatically reduce liability.


Regulatory Compliance

Regardless of our industry, we must comply with laws and regulations of all type from seat belt and speeding laws, to hours of service and electronic logs.


Driver Behavior/Safety

Regardless of our industry, employee safety is everyone’s greatest concern. Manage speed, personal use of company vehicles, and compliance with company driving policies.


Liability Reduction

Vehicle GPS Tracking (location, speed, driver behavior; Vehicle Camera Solutions (accident prevention, incident recording); Backing Sensors and Remote Driver Training (accident/incident prevention)

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