In-Cab Recording Camera

See What Really Happened With Video Data

Let’s face it, today we live in a very litigious society.When an accident occurs, seldom is only one party blamed. Many fleets end up paying liability claims simply because they cannot prove that their driver was not at fault.

In-cab recording cameras give fleets the ability to combat false liability claims, and save a tremendous amount of financial resources in attorney’s fees. In addition, fleets experience significant insurance savings, due to the fact that they are able to provide actual footage of an accident.

There are three primary in-cab recording cameras that assist in the defense of drivers during the investigation of an accident. One type of camera captures video footage of only what the driver sees. The second captures what the driver saw as well as what was happening in the cab of the vehicle before and after an accident. The third captures what the driver saw, was doing, and activity from additional cameras on the vehicle – such as rear or side views.

Benefits That Make A Difference

Easy Access to Accident Footage

Event reporting makes it easy to find to return to a specific incident, date and time for pinpoint accuracy.

Eliminate Risky Driving Behavior

Allows fleet managers to identify risky driving behavior and intervene before an accident occurs.

Mitigate False Claims

Detailed vehicle, road and passenger monitoring fights false claims with fully encrypted and tamper resistance video evidence.

Encourage Driver Improvement

By monitoring driver behavior, drivers will be encouraged to cease erratic driver behavior and recklessness on the road.

Document Theft, Vandalism and Assault

Dash cam surveillance provides hard video evidence of break-ins, vehicle defacement, and hit-and-runs.

Settle Insurance Claims Quickly

Video evidence provides hard proof of what actually happened during an accident, which helps resolve claims 40% quicker.

In-Cab Recording Camera


Learn about the camera options available to help you reduce vehicle damage and litigation costs tied to accidents.


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