GPS Trailer Tracking

Manage and Secure Trailers with Ease

TrueTrak GPS trailer tracking gives fleets the ability to immediately locate trailers, cargo containers and other equipment with just a few clicks. This technology lets you monitor and track trailers by automatically locating and reporting the location of trailers every 15 minutes when moving and up to 4 times a day when stationary. You also have the option to locate trailers on demand, which will help you quickly recover goods or trailers that have been reported stolen.  Our devices also have options for temperature monitoring on refrigerated units, door sensors that send an alert when the door of a unit has been opened, and movement start and stop location updates.

Benefits That Make A Difference

Gain Real-Time Visability

Gives fleet managers real-time status and location information with instant remote access to reporting data.

Safeguard Cargo & Equipment

Get notifications for after hours and unauthorized movement, opening of trailer or container doors, and unsafe route detection.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Improves dispatch coordination and on-time deliveries through optimized trailer utilization resulting in happy customers.

Quick & Easy to Use

Quick reports configuration feature gives you the ability to see the data you need with a few clicks.

Minimize Losses

Helps recover lost or stolen goods faster which keeps customers happy and insurance premiums low.

International Tracking Capablities

Automatically reports the location and status of trailers in the US, Mexico, and Canada.

GPS Trailer Tracking


Many fleets owners are discovering that there is an easier way to improve trailer utilization with minimal time an effort. This white paper details how GPS tracking technology helps fleet owners solve their tracking management challenges .


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